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Yourself, but better

Hello gorgeous,

We know the business of beauty can be ugly.
That’s why we're lifting it.

Let us explain.

Somewhere around 2017, two soon-to-be fempreneurs lived life in London. Natural born beauty nerds. Nina Akbari and Arbilina Nissan spent quite a few hours spoiling themselves in a city where dirt cheap beauty salons just boomed.

But beauty showed its messy face. The results differed - a real case of “What I Ordered vs What I got”. Salon hygiene was poor, the products questionable. The workers, mainly women, exploited, underpaid and intoxicated by fumes.

Fact is, beauty salons all over the world (oh yes, even here in Sweden) are acting shady.
Treating their workers poorly, or using questionable toxins in their treatments.

Women working daily in these conditions risk mental health issues, allergic reactions, asthma, and even cancer (there are studies on that). You risk damaging your beauty, rather than enhancing it.

From this truth, Dashl was born. We’re a beauty concept that not only lifts your beauty, but the diverse workforce of women within the industry. From our shop-in-shop beauty bars to vegan and cruelty free products.


Keepin’ it real

We don’t believe in changing who you are (please don’t change). We want to lift you. So you can feel gorgeous at being you. Therefore you’ll never see acrylic nails or fake lashes when you come to our Beauty Bars.

All our beauty treatments in Sweden (our homeground), and Europe are kind to you and the planet. Free of harsh fumes, acrylic dust, electric nail files, harmful ingredients and unhygienic BS. Waterless manicures, sterilized tools and disinfected beauty stations are our vibe.


Your daily “self-routine”

Our beautyline is co-created with in-house experts and Beauty Bar-stylists. Based on your wishes, and with a major focus on products that are vegan, cruelty free and nice to you.

May these be a part of your daily “self-routine”. A tool for flaunting your best version, not making you something you’re not.


Femmes empowering femmes

Dashl is founded by women, for women. No fem-washing, for real. Over 350 female stylists work with us, so a Beauty Academy just came naturally. The possibility to train, develop and educate new talents the “Dashl-way”.

We strive to give back to our staff of queens. Through good education, and an opportunity to shine in their career. All women should be able to build their skills and have an awesome job.

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Het team

We zijn altijd op zoek naar slimme en gedreven mensen die mee willen bouwen aan ons snelgroeiende bedrijf. Neem contact met ons op via hello@dashlbeauty.com!

Arbilina Nissan
Arbilina NissanCo-founder & CEO
Nina Akbari
Nina AkbariCo-founder & COO
 Henric Larsson
Henric LarssonCo-founder & CTO
Victor Stodell
Victor StodellCo-founder & CXO
Cynthia Mejia
Cynthia MejiaProduct owner & GRAPHIC DESIGNER
Sophia Heyne
Sophia HeyneCFO
Elin Nyberg
Elin NybergCreative Project Manager
LizaRegional Beauty Bar Manager
Roxana Majd
Roxana MajdBeauty bar Manager
Naz Foyston
Naz FoystonTalent Acquisition Manager
Mina Azimnia
Mina AzimniaHead of Beauty Bar Operations